Canada Goose Nest Management

Our Goose Nest Management service addresses two types of problems you may have with nesting geese. The first is preventing the birds from increasing in numbers through reproduction. This is accomplished through the use of egg depredation. The second problem we address is reducing the health and human safety risks caused by aggressive geese.  During nesting season, both male and female geese become territorial of their nesting area.  If the geese feel threatened then they can act aggressively towards humans, including attacking and causing serious harm.

  • Egg Depredation

Egg Depredation is a means of stopping the birds from having a successful nesting season. Egg addling is a process that stops eggs from developing or hatching and can be done by oiling, shaking, puncturing, or removing the eggs. Oiling is the preferred method and it is accomplished by coating the egg(s) with a food grade corn oil. This keeps air from passing through the eggshell which stops the development process. Egg depredation services include assisting with proper authorized government permitting procedures, locating nest(s), and removal/disposal of eggs with each site visit. Plus, we will do follow-up and report filing with the appropriate state agencies.

  • Nest Removal 

Nest removal consists of bagging and removing built up nesting material and bird related debris from designated nesting areas.