Pest Bird Management Services

Wild Goose Chase offers a variety of pest bird management services that are proven to be effective solutions to deter or exclude unwanted birds to ultimately manage various pest bird (nuisance bird) problems.  We approach each property from both an bird biology and animal behavior perspective together with a construction/structural viewpoint.  

Our animal behavior observation helps us to better understand what species of the birds are causing the problems, confirm if the bird is protected or not, and to learn how the birds are utilizing the property.  Then, we review the property from the construction side of things to understand what if any are our limitations to building or installing bird deterrent or exclusion systems, and what product will be the best possible solution to manage the individual pest bird situation.

Common problems that property managers are experiencing include:

  • Canada geese nesting causing geese to become aggressive towards tenants, customers and employees.  In addition to aggressive behavior, Canada geese nesting also causes exponential population growth causing damage to the turf and unsightly goose poop on sidewalks and grassy areas.
  • Gulls nesting on rooftops causing gulls to become aggressive towards contractors working on roofs, tenants, customers and employees.  In addition, the nesting material created can clog drains causing water to pool or backup on the roof that may cause structural roof damage.
  • Pigeons, sparrows, and gulls loafing and/or nesting on property signage causing excessive bird droppings on canopies and/or nesting materials obstructing signage and taking away from the overall brand appearance.
  • Turkey vultures loafing on building ledges or patios leaving unsightly and quite large droppings as well as aggressive behavior that may include pecking at their reflection in a window or door near their loafing spots.
  • Swallows building nests above building entrances and loading docks leaving behind excessive droppings and even becoming aggressive towards tenants, employees, and customers.
  • Pigeons, sparrows, and doves nesting in parking garages on ledges, inside pipe chases, and any other opening they can find to build their nests, leave behind unsightly droppings, and they can become aggressive towards tenants, employees and customers.